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Welcome to our website !

Welcome to our website ! -

Listeners  of  classical  Music, opera  and  not  only.. Do  you  want  to  start  to  set  up  a  legendary   classic  discography  or  upgrade  the  existing  one  with  the  discovery  of  new  authors  and  new  superb  recordings , but  lack  a  reliable  and  safe  driving, "A  Glance  Catalog  to  browse"  outside  of  the  boundless  digital  platforms  Purchasing  "DO  IT  YOURSELF",  which  might  suggest  through  a  clear  and  simple  exposition  which  are  exclusively  the  Excellencies  belonging  to  the  immense  catalog  of  classical  music  of  all  time?

Well, you've  finally  found  everything  you  need  in  a  Single  Music  Shop  on  line;  In  fact  is  all  this  and  over..  thanks  to  the  more  than  twenty  years  experience  of  listening  and  customer  service  of  its  creator, Franz  Babbini, gained  as  Head  of  Sales  Section  Classic  in  a  historic  shop  of  Prato  (Italy)  belonging  to  the  recent  past  and  then  came  up  today  in  the  creation  and  continuous  record  updating  of  this  "Large  Showcase-Catalog  of  recordings  carefully  selected", which  sums  up  exactly  All  the  Best  of  Classical  Music, Opera, Symphony, Ballet, Holy, Cameristica and Minimal Music of  every  time... and  then  it  takes  its  name  and  inspiration  from  the  mythical  notes  announcing  "The  Siegfried's  horn"!

Siegfried's attack !

Siegfried's attack ! -

Our  sayng  is:  "Do  not  move  blindly  to  buy  your  music  quality, but  rediscover  the  value  of  purchase  that  comes  to  you  with  the  comfortable  support  of  a  safe  and  reliable  Guide, as  it  is  that  of ".

Contact  us  confident  for  every  musical  depth  and  you  will  be  always  satisfied  in  your  purchases  or  in  your  every  musical  taste  or  request  that  it  can  be!

Shipping and Payments

Shipping  and  Payments -

We make shipments throughout the Italian national territory and only in the Countries of the European Union.  For  purchases  of  items  outside  of  the  "Reccommended  Catalog"  by  the  and  also  for  requests  of  shipments  for  specific  titles  of  import (if  not  included  in  our  site), we  accept  payments  only  by  Bank  Transfer. For  all  other  purchases, meaning  all  items  advertised  on  our  website, we  accept  payments  by  Paypal, or  Bank  Transfer.

For shipments to be made to other European Union countries outside the Italian territory, the Customer must always request a specific quote of the final price (including international shipping costs) of the item or of the total of the items he wants to purchase (by writing an email to, before proceeding with any purchase action by paying on our site, as if he were a Customer residing in Italy.

Just  received  the  Payment  or  the  Bank  transfer, we  will  send  you  the  box  with  the  pieces  that  you  have  requested.  For  any  other  information, questions  or  requests, you  can  always  call  from  Monday  to  Saturday (9:30  to  13:00  a.m.  and  16:00  to  19:30  p.m.) the  Office  of  "Siegfried's horn"  ( Via  Reggiana  n°99 - 59100, Prato, Italy) to  the  number  +39 338 7519135  or  send  an  email  to  its  founder  Franz  Babbini  to  the  following  e-mail  address:  



Payment with:

Shipping costs: Method of Delivery: Delivery times from dispatch:
With the purchase of one or more items
Paypal or Bank transfer
€ 5,00
Traceable Shipping with Express Courier  GLS
2, 3 working days 

  * Outside of Italy (Payments by Paypal or Bank Transfer) 

  Rates for weight bands and zones (Italian Post): 

Traceable Shipping:
Europe: Priority  Mail International:
From 100 gr. to 250 gr.
From 100 gr. to 250 gr.
Up to 500 grams
From 250 gr. to 350 gr.
From 500 gr. to 1000 gr.
From 350 gr. to 1000 gr.
From 1000 gr. to 2000 gr.
From 1000 gr. to 2000 gr.


* Delivery  times  for  foreign  countries, given  the  diversity  between  country  and  country, should only  be  considered  indicative. 


* Europe: 10  working  days  plus  the  day  of  shipment  to  the  85%  of  items. 

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